Monthly Archives: February 2013

Hi, what’s your name?

Jojo is very cute and very social with people.  Even strangers.  She’ll say to just about anyone she meets, “Hi, what’s your name?”.  Then the person answers, “Jennifer”.  Then Jojo will usually say, “Hi Jennifer!”.  She almost always repeats their name and says hi with their name.


The girls were in the back of the car on the way to dance class.  I heard them saying, “I’m gonna play with uncle Brishon”.  The other said, “well, I’m gonna play with uncle Zion.”  Then one says, “deal?”, and the other says, “deal”!.  Then they both spit on their hands, shake hands, and say “Forever!” in unison.  It was hilarious! 🙂  Then they kept doing that over and over again.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Breanne was out running some errands with Josanna on Valentine’s Day.  On a few occasions, Josanna would pass by a stranger and then she would turn around, wave, and say “happy Valentine’s day”!  It made people’s day!