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Mrs Shippy

So JoJo was counting to see how long something took. “One Mrs Shippy, Two Mrs Shippy, Three Mrs Shippy.” I clarified to make sure is what she was really saying, and it was indeed. Lol. Silly girl.


Dutch Bros announcements

Trevor is a very loud, bearded, and outgoing barista that Josanna really likes. She has nicknamed him uncle Trevor.

When we went to Dutch brothers the other day, Josanna asked to talk to her favorite barista, uncle Trevor. As she was hanging out the car window, she told him that she has a biological mom and biological dad. Then she told him, “you have to tell everyone. Turn around. You have to yell it.” Uncle Trevor kindly obliged. Then she told him, “they are from Ethiopia. Tell everyone. Yell it!” And then she said, “now tell everyone that they are brown. Yell it!” And he did.

Best buddy love man

From Breanne’s Facebook post:

Josanna is cracking me up today!
J- Mama is daddy your best buddy?
Me- yes
J- why do you kiss him all the time?
Me-because I love him
J- do you remember when you got married?
Me-yes, and it was a beautiful wedding
J- So, daddy is your love man then.
Me- yes, daddy is my best buddy love man

Bubble Gum Boobies

Josanna was in the Kohl’s store and walked by some pink bras. That’s when she started chanting “bubble gum boobies, bubble gum boobies, bubble gum boobies.” Apparently if it is pink, then it is bubble gum.

My ladies in the office (LCS office)

Josanna likes to get suckers from the ladies in the office at LCS.  She calls them her “ladies”.  The other day, Josanna was talking about her ladies: “Sometimes, my ladies in the office, they don’t listen to me.  They just keep doing minecraft on their puters.”