Jim’s Ethiopia, Day 1 – Our flight

On the flight from Portland to Amsterdam we swatched a lot of movies. Flight took 9 1/2 hrs, but didn’t seem that bad. Had a 2 hr layover. Exchanged 20 USD for about 12 Euros. Tried to buy us coffee in Amsterdam airport but lines were too long. Slept a little on the flight from Amsterdam to Addis. Germany beat Argentina in the World Cup, 4-0. They annouced it on the plane. At the Addis airport we waited a long time to get our VISA and passport stamped. They scanned our bags one last time through the machine. There were a lot of people waiting as we left the airport. Our driver, Efraim, had a sign that said “Smith KL543”. In the parking lot, there were many people waiting around (taxi drivers and such). We lost $500.00 out of Breanne’s backpack (not sure where) :-(.

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