Ethiopia, Day 4 – The Road to Ambo

Today we got up, ate breakfast and went to Toukoul to visit Josanna. She smiled really big when she saw Jim. She was wearing little jeans, a striped shirt, and a jean vest. After about 45 minutes she fell asleep while I was holding her. She slept on my chest for about 1/2 hour. she is so sweet! She seems like such a good baby and has yet to cry while we are there. After the orphanage we stopped at a store and bought formula, diapers, rice cereal and some onesies. We had thought we would check Josanna out of Toukoul on Saturday, but the nurse who is helping us, Tigist says we will check them out tomorrow afternoon. After the store we walked back to our guest house just a few blocks away. There were cows and dogs roaming the streets and a group of men chewing the plant that makes you get high. We ate lunch at YGF and then got ready for our trip to Ambo. On the way to Ambo, we stopped at our lawyers office to go over paperwork and questions the Embassy will ask us. It was a beautiful drive (about 2 hrs) to Ambo. Many farms and houses and mud huts. There were many donkeys and horses on the road. Our driver Ibrihim, we call a crazy driver. We also have a guide, Jon Michell. On the way we stopped in a little town.for a coke and bathroom break. Tiffany and I went to the bathroom and we had to walk down this dirt road for a ways then we came to this cement building with dark little cement rooms you can rent. At the end of this building there was the bathroom. It was really dark and the size of a tiny closet. There was a small hole in the floor to pee in and the floor was really slippery and it smelled horrible. Yikes! Once we arrived in Ambo we checked into our hotel and then walked down the street for a ways. People here do not see many white people. The kids would be shy and a few came up to shake our hands. We ate dinner at the hotel and are headed to bed. We are going to a crater lake in the morning.

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