Jim’s Ethiopia, Day 4 – Traveling to Ambo

Today is Tuesday. We went to the orphanage in the morning, then back to YGF for lunch, then traveled to Ambo in the afternoon. On the way to Ambo, Ibrahim and Jon Michelle stopped and bought some “chut”. I gues it is a stimulant plant that people chew here. None of us had any, but it was interesting seeing all the people on the street chewing it. On the way, we also stopped and had coffee and some had sprite. There were some kids there, and we took a few pictures. When we got to Ambo we went straight to the hotel. The room was OK. It did have a shower and warm water and a toilet that half worked (tp would go down). Before dinner, we walked up and down the streets of Ambo. A lot of people are out on the street – just walking or sometimes selling. Actually, it seems everywhere we’ve gone in Ethiopia has had a lot of people on the street. Most everything that people sell are to meet basic needs: food, clothing, shoes, for example. We seemed to be the only white people in Ambo, so we did draw some attention. They called us “tourists”. That night, we ate at the hotel’s restaurant. Right before dinner there was a power outage (one of several while we were there). I guess they can still cook using gas if the power goes out. Dinner was good – I had shishkabob with tomato soup. We made plans to get an early start and go to Winchi Lake (6:30am).

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