Jim’s Ethiopia, Day 5 – A long day

This was a long day. To supplement what Breanne wrote, the standout moments for me were: stopping the car several times and giving out bread to the children. As Tiffany put it: that was an emotional moment. The children were so happy just to receive a little piece of bread. They would grab for it and almost push to try and get more. We had to make sure that each child got a piece. We also handed out suckers and bananas at different times. Sometimes we would just throw the suckers out, and the kids would grab them kind of like a parade. One boy started dancing when he got three suckers – it was funny! At Winchi lake, we rode horses down to the lake. The boy that led my horse asked for a tip, but Jon Michelle said no (the tips are given out to everyone back at the top of the mountain), so the boy was very sad. Once we got back to the top, we tipped about 200 BUR, and that gets divided amoung all that helped. I felt bad that the boy didn’t get very much.
When we got back from Ambo, we afficially took custody of Josanna.Breanne cried, and I was emotional too. We rode back with the Feikens and had dinner at YGF. Oh, and lunch was interesting – there were monkeys at this resort place that we stopped at. I had something called “Kitfo”, and traditional dish. I’m surprised that I haven’t gotten sick from the food!

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